Absolutely amazing!!!  Lemoncello® is a truly unique hot sauce.  “Lemoncello® Makes Fish Taste Fresher”. Its spicy lemon flavor makes it a great sauce for lighter fare such as fish, seafood, and chicken, and it can even be used as an addition to a vinaigrette or marinade. Created in the gourmet tradition of all our sauces, Lemoncello® is a joy to behold, its bright fresh lemony flavor followed by a subtle zippy pepper kick is ideal for anything you would add lemon too: Lemoncello™ Scallop Saute Lemoncello™ Vinaigrette Hawaiian Tuna Poke Poached Oysters with Pickled Cucumbers and Caviar

Some even use it on icy cold oysters on the half shell, in a bloody mary, or in your favorite beer.

The uses for Lemoncello® are only limited by your imagination.

Lemoncello® “The Original Lemon Sauce” has quickly become the top sauce in our pantry, based upon the true gourmet flavor and may uses in everyday cooking.

Lemoncello® is an absolute hit so much so that it is sometimes in short supply. So pick up 2 bottles whenever you can so you don’t run out when it is most needed.


I really like the refreshing lemon flavor paired with the heat; it’s a really great combination!

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