3 Bottle Gift Box 50 ml each


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Our 3 bottle gift pack features 3 convienent sample sized bottles of our award winning sauce.

We offer a wide variety of the most fabulous and original gourmet sauce flavors.

The 3 bottle gift pack is sure to please even the most picky sauce person.

That’s a lot of flavor in a little box, grab one today

flavors can include:

The original lemon sauce Lemoncello®

The original lime sauce Lemoncello® Lime

The original award winning green walnut sauce Black Nocino® Pepper Sauce

The original walnut sauce Nocino Blonde®

Red Prickly Pear Hot Pepper Sauce

Green Prickly Pear Hot Pepper Sauce

Pina Colada

South American

Mint Chutney


Green Chili Sambal

Green Habanero

Orange Habanero

Red Habanero

Papaya Mango Passsion

Red Scotch Bonnet

Yellow Scotch Bonnet

South American

Wasabi Pepper Sauce

X X X Hot Sauce


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