Orange Habanero


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Our Orange Habanero Sauce is our original sauce going back over 30 years to our original farm.

Our Orange Habanero is naturally fermented and aged, blended with just the right amount of vinegar to allow the tour flavor of the peppers to shine through. This sauce goes with anything!!!

It is a Lousiana style sauce made in the traditional way. Our sauce is hotter than than the one that come in the little bottle.

We do not strain our sauce, so the pulp is still in the bottle: Over the years we decided keeping our products natural outweighed the vanity of a clarified product, and our customers prefer the sauce with the pulp still in it.

The Orange Habanero at that time was thought by most pepper heads to be the hottest pepper around. This distinction as the hottest pepper continues to change, as new peppers are discovered, but the Orange Habanero has an amazingly wonderful and fruity flavor reminescient of apricot like taste prior to the onset of the heat.

We still enjoy the one of a kind flavor that this sauces delivers. It is hot, but like all of our sauces made for the exceptional flavor.

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