Lemoncello® Lime


Lemoncello® Lime a great Lime forward sauce, great with anything you would squeeze a lime on.



Our new fabulous Lemoncello® Lime sauce, is just that. It is the Original Lime Sauce!!! A Lime Version of Lemoncello® The Original Lemon Sauce

Made for those culinary situations where a lime sauce is needed, and a lemon sauce cannot be substituted, reach for the Lemoncello® Lime.

It pairs great with salads, vegetables, chicken, fish, shellfish, drinks, and more. The flavor truly shines with dishes you would use lime and cilantro on.

The gourmet blending of lime and peppers brings out a very assertive lime flavor followed by the pepper heat, we also blend in rare pepper from north Sumatra to create a wonderful floral bouquet. This sauce is yet another gourmet creation from Blacklick Spice Company.

Lemoncello® Lime is also refreshing with its punch of lime flavor, its just like squeezing a lime on your food.

Made with fresh ingredients, gluten free, vegan, all natural. No preservatives, carrots, or gums.

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