Green Chili Sambal


Our Green Chili Sambal is truly unique, it has a blend of asian spices that makes the pepper sauce really pop with asian flavor. The wild pepper spice  that we use is one available in a limited range in a small region, and must be gathered by hand.

The blend of peppers and spices yields a flavor that our family is proud to give to yours.


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Our Green Chili Sambal is just that.

Inspired by Grandpa, and our love for Asian food, we developed this vegan sambal without fish sauce for a unique and flavorful twist on a Asian standard.

Our sambal is enhanced by lemongrass, green tomatoes, and wild pepper from the forests of North Sumatra.

Green chili sambal is a staple among the many food vendors throughout Asia, ours is more of an Indonesian gourmet sambal sauce that is great on anything you grill.

This green chili sambal is particularly at home on satay of all sorts, rice and vegetable dishes, the uses for this sauce are virtually limitless

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