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Our X X X Hot Sauce is the result of many requests from our customers for something really hot. We blended several varieties of peppers including ghost and scorpions to come ups with this hot and tasty blend.

Enjoy this sauce but please use caution.

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Our X X X hot sauce is the hottest gourmet pepper sauce we make. While packing a punch with a blend of 5 peppers it truly is bursting with flavor as well. We make our X X X hot sauce for our friends who desire a such with more flavor and heat, it i.e. all natural made with hand picked pepper mash and spices producing a superior flavor. There are no preservatives, gums, or carrots it this sauce just flavor and heat.

Made in our family’s traditional way just having the heat cranked up a bit.

It’s like having a party in your mouth, the effects are best described as hitting the tip of your tongue, moving to your lips to the center of your tongue, to the cheeks, and finally the back of your mouth going down your throat: all this happens as a slow burn envelops your whole mouth.

We use a blend of Cayenne, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Scorpion, and Ghost Peppers to make a perfectly balanced sauce.

This sauce can be used like Orange Habanero, or Red Habanero.

It can even be substituted in recipes the call for these sauces if a little extra heat is needed.

Vegan Black-eyed PeasRoasted Baby Potatoes with Rosemary and Orange Habanero Sauce

Of course you can just share a few drops in your chili or anything else you are having.



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